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Worried about the performance of your videos?

Every business is aware that videos are the fastest way to reach, a creatively made video will give your brand international visibility, but even after having such great opportunities to release videos on social media platforms, why is your video not performing?

To solve this problem and let your videos bring results for you, Team Macguffin Frames came into existence.

About Macguffin Frames

We Visualize from Hyderabad. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then can you imagine the gravity of how much meaning hundreds of them snipped together, or in other words, a video can endow? This is a simple virtue Macguffin Frames thrives upon.

What makes us not just another brick on the wall is our passion for capturing moments before they tick away to bring together brands, people, communities and hopefully soon, nations.

To pursue this undying dream, we've been going every extra mile possible to bring a smile to our audience, be it through corporate films, commercials, and feature films, all meticulously crafted by our dedicated team.


Be it any type of video, our vision is to make sure that it is producing results and performing for you.


To be creative, upbeat and innovative in creating different kinds of videos.

We just don’t say we prove it with our action

Videos tailored by team MF performs globally and we have received 130+ awards for our works, to prove that our videos bring results. We have started a different platform called MGF Micro Films, where we make films from all different genres, which produce results for us. If we can grow with the help of creating creative videos then why can’t you.

Link to MGF Microfilms

Our motto is clear if we are growing and reaching the globe with the help of creative videos then we want your brand, company, product, services, startup to reach global platforms and generate results for you.

What Kind of videos we can do?

From feature films to commercial advertisements, team MF is having strength to produce all kinds of videos for your brand. Since our inception in October 2018 we have successfully worked for more than 35+ clients and made 1100+ videos.

MF Showreel

MF Youtube Channel

About team MF

Team MF is managed by

Anshul Sinha (

We all know the importance of time, once it's passed then it never comes back. please stop investing in videos which don't perform.

Give us an opportunity to make videos for you and we will make sure that it will perform at global level and bring the desired results for you.

You can reach us on

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