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AHH!!! We want videos

“Our brains are hard-wired to engage in storytelling, as a narrative arc compared to other forms. And video is a great way to tell a story and engage.”

(Vidyard’s VP of Marketing, Tyler Lessard)

As an application owner, did you ever tried to answer these two questions-

1. Do you need videos for your app?

2. Which content type brings you the maximum sales?

If till now, your answer is NO- we are making sure that after reading this blog , you will understand the demand of right content for your application.

It’s not a affair of one solution being right and the other wrong. But when you contemplate what type of content to create, video should be on the top of your list.

To be direct and original with the statistics, let us show you some major number facts.

  • · Wyzowl’s research reveals that video is much more desirable than text-based articles (15%), infographics (4%) presentations (4%) ebooks, or manuals (3%) for learning information.

Let us have a look at all the mandatory videos that a Application Developer must have-

(Also check the attached links for better understanding, we have incorporated our previous work in it.)

Brand Videos

Animated Explainer videos

Ad campaigns

Play store app preview

Demo Videos

Tutorial videos

Client Testimonial Video

Promotional videos

Corporate Films

Product videos

Social Media

Bumper ads

B2B Videos

With all the facts we have mentioned above, It is a vigilant step to say that VIDEOS ARE THE FUTURE OF CONTENT. It is better to be an early riser than a laggard. It is gentle to understand the intensity of the content demand to generate maximum return and sales.

Hope you had a great reading!!

See you until next time.

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