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Tired of watching long films and web series of endless episodes and seasons?

MGF Microfilms is a quick dose that will entertain and give you quality microfilms.

What is MGF Micro Films?

MGF Microfilms is a youtube channel dedicated to microfilms which is a maximum of 5 and 3 minutes in the duration.

During your lunchtime in the office, or when you are traveling a short trip in Uber or OLA it’s very challenging to watch full episodes of a web series or feature films.

To overcome this short time boredom you can switch to MGF Micro Films, within 10 to 20 minutes of a short time span you can easily watch 6 to 7 films.

The Vision of MGF Micro Films

The vision of MGF Micro Films is to create short-duration creative films under different genres which will give you the experience of feature films and web series in a very limited time span

The Mission of MGF Micro Films

The mission of MGF Micro Films is to create a platform for upcoming writers, Directors, Actors, Cinematographer, Editor, etc. This platform will help them to perform.

The team behind MGF Micro Films

MGF Micro Films is a part of Macguffin Frames ( which is managed by Anshul Sinha and Rajnish Sharma.

About Anshul Sinha (

How to watch MGF Micro Films?

Don’t worry we won’t ask you for yearly paid subscriptions, Its very simple, here is the Youtube link of the channel where you can watch all the microfilms.

And once you have finished watching the film then please don’t forget to give your valuable feedback and subscriptions.

Your subscriptions and feedback will encourage us to produce more microfilms for you.

What is the process to join team MGF Films?

If you are an Actor, Cinematographer, Writer, Editor, etc and looking for an opportunity to perform then you can get in touch with us on

Whatsapp- 9398214182 / 7018709528

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