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This Scriptwriting Challenge will PRODUCE the Winning Script.

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

As a scriptwriter it's difficult to convince a producer to invest in your first script, due to fewer experience investors are not ready to trust and believe in your skill set. To solve this problem team MGF Films is coming up with its Scriptwriting Challenge-1

In this scriptwriting challenge the winning script will be produced by MGF Films.

The aim of the competition is to create a platform, where the scriptwriters can get an opportunity to showcase their skill set.

Team MGF Films is an experienced team who has already produced 65 Microfilms, 1 Feature and 2 Short Feature Films.

Here is the link to watch all the creative films produced by Mgf films

Many artist has been benefited with the help of this platform, the actors who were part of the team MGF, they got an opportunity to work for major web-series and TV Commercials

Here is the link of the works which got released commercially.

Opportunities for participants

  • The winning script will be produced by MGF Films and it will be released on MGF Films Youtube channel.

  • The winning script writer will get an opportunity to have a look at the complete film direction and execution process.

  • The film will be submitted to national and international film festivals.

  • MGF Films is a sister company of Macguffin Frames, team MF is specialised in corporate, advertisement, documentaries and many other different kinds of films.

  • Apart from winning the competition the winner will get an opportunity to work on a freelancing basis as a writer with team MF.

How can you participate in the first month script writing challenge?

  • The entry fees for participation is 50 Rupees

  • Scripts can be submitted in Hindi or English language.

  • Once you have finished completing the payment then you have to submit your scripts on

  • Note- Maximum duration of the film should be 3 minutes and the minimum duration is 1 minute.

  • you can Gpay the entry fees on +91 9398214182.

  • Last date of submission is 20th June 2021

  • For any further queries you can reach the same contact number.

So guys and gals, what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity and participate, who knows that there is a big director and writer hidden inside you.

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