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Ramesh utilizes his failure to crack a job interview.

You must have observed that many people are worried and concerned about their failures. Especially in the age group of 15 to 25 we observe that a lot of youngsters keep on regretting their failures, sometimes this regret goes to next level and many even take drastic decision of committing suicide.

Whether it's an exam failure, job failure, not getting employment or failing to perform in the job.

You shouldn’t be worried, your failure itself is gold for you.

Considering this problem of regretting about the failure, team MGF Films came up with a new microfilm called “I Am A Failure”.

I am a failure microfilm is inspired by Ted Talk ”How can we edit memories by Amy Milton” the aim of the microfilm is to highlight how you can use your past failures to improve your present and grow in your future.

It's OK to fail and one should practice the art of celebrating failure, until and unless you won’t fail you will never learn the importance of success.

Your failure is a stepping stone for your success the more you fail the more you will learn and grow in your life. Stop regretting your past and start living in the present.

Making of I am a failure.

Four minutes drama film is Written and Directed by Anshul Sinha and it is performed by Rajnish Sharma, Sandeep Sahu, Parul Gupta, Prasad Battu, Rohit and Sumit Keshri.

Camera work is done by Shivram Putta who is passionate about cinematography and filmmaking.

Rajnish Sharma is playing the protagonist and Sandeep Sahu is the antagonist, both of them have justified their performance with the help of acting experience they carry with them.

So all the guys and gals don’t worry and be happy, you can watch I am a failure microfilm on MGF Microfilms.

Link of the film

Ramesh is battling to live in the present, but his past keeps on haunting him.

Writer-Director-Anshul Sinha

Production- Macguffin Frames

Cast-Rajnish, Sandeep, Summit, Rohit, Parul, Prasad Battu,

Camera- Shivram Putta

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