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One minute short film ‘Waterman’ from India, screened in 32 countries.

As a part of International film festivals, one minute short film Waterman got screened in 30+ countries around the globe. The short film from India has presented water in a fictional character, which portrays the daily struggles of water while reaching its end user and when it reaches we see how the end user is misusing and wasting it.

Screening of Waterman in Hungary

Water crisis is a major issue all over the world, the short film Waterman is made under the comedy genre which ends up on a very thought provoking note- “Water comes from very far respect it”.

The film is written and directed by Anshul Sinha, the role of the waterman is played by Sandeep Sahu (Gold Medalist in performing arts from Hyderabad Central University) supporting actors in the film are Rajnish Sharma, Devika Das and Shubhang. In the year 2019 Waterman started its film festival tours.

1-International Environmental Film Fest 2019 USA, Washington.DC, 2nd Place

2-My Hero International Film Festival, California, 2nd Place

3-International Nature Film Festival Gödöllő,Hungary, Finalist

4-International Children's Film Festival Bangladesh, Finalist

5-Aakruti-My Creation International Film Festival, India, Official Selection

6-We Are All Others, International SF Festival of Social Diversity, Mexico, Official Selection

7-Acharya Tulsi Short Film Festival India, Official Selection

8-International Green Culture Festival "Green Fest"Belgrade 3rd Place

9-The 7th China International Micro-Films Exhibition China,Official Selection

10-Asia Peace Film Festival, Pakistan Official Selection

11-9th Jagran Film Festival India Official Selection

12-International Exhibition of Super Short Films NE,Massachusetts Official Selection

13-Spin Off Film Festival Casaletto Vaprio, Cremona Official Selection

14-Just Before Midnight Noir Film Fest Brazil Official Selection

15-Inshort Film Festival 2019 Lagos Official Selection

16-Lahore International Children's Film Festival, Pakistan, Official Selection

17-BLNKA JAM - Downtown Urban Arts Festival 2018 18-Official Selection Procida Film Festival Procida Island, Napoli, Finalist

19-Avatharam Film Utsavam Telangana Special Jury

20-Infocus Film Festival Hyderabad 1st Place

21-Budapest Water Summit 2019

22-Hungary Special Screening

23-Green Montenegro International Film Fest

24-Podgorica Official Selection

25-CIM-Sueca Spain

26-Finalist SEFF - Smaragdni Eco Film Festival, Croatia

27-Finalist Molodiya International Social Advertising Festival Official Selection

28-CIM Sueca Spain Best Film

29-International Nature Film Festival Gödöllő Hungary Official Selection

30-CMS Vatavaran-Ministry of Forest and Environment India Best PSA

31-Chitra Bharti film festival Gujarat Official Selection

32-17 films Germany Official Selection

Apart from getting screened in 35 countries, Waterman has also won 6 International and 3 National awards. The director of the film Anshul Sinha was invited to International Green Culture Festival "GreenFest"-Belgrade, Serbia to attend the special screening.

Waterman in Belgrade, Serbia

Screening of Waterman in Lahore

For creating awareness amongst the kids the short film was screened in 15 schools and Mexico, In October 2019 it was screened in London Library and also there was a special screening of the film in Hungary International water summit 2019.

About Waterman short film in Media

Short film Waterman in 32+ Countries

You can watch the short film on #MGFFILMS youtube channel,

here is the link of the film

If you like the film then don't forget to share it with the hashtag #SAVEWATER

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