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National Crime Records: on an average, a woman is raped every 15 minutes in India

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

With the data collected by the NCRB on crime against women, it was found that over 10 percent of total crimes against women were rape crimes.

In Uttar Pradesh, the recorded numbers mark it as the state with the highest number of crimes against women, with only the registered ones counting up to 56011 in 2017.

There is no need to mention how important this issue is not only in India but across the globe, and we really do have a long way to go when it comes to the issue of decreasing rape crimes to zero. 

We can't be living in a world where women don't even feel safe walking down the street to their own homes.

It's not ok for a society to function with these drastically high numbers of rape crimes within the country.

That's why we at MGF films decided to take a stand against this issue and made the film “Every 15 Minutes” to not just raise awareness but further help people see the extent of how widespread this problem is. 

Our society needs a drastic change from the shape in which it exists now, and we at MGF believe that each and every one of us must advocate that change since we are all a part of our society. 

We believe it is our duty to talk about such issues and even though we can't eliminate the problem, we all can do our own part. We have made a film to take our stand against the issue. What are you going to do? What stand are you going to take?

Making of “Every 15 Minutes”

A 3-minute film that is Written and Directed by Anshul Sinha with creative visuals that help bring out the emotions in the viewer. The lead actress of this film was Parul Gupta who gave a strong and emotional performance with just a few seconds of screentime.

The camera work and cinematography were helmed by Shiv Ram Putta who used simple lighting techniques and took the film to another level providing riveting sequences with strong visuals. 

Link of the film: 

Writer and Director: Anshul Sinha 

Production: MGF Productions

Cast: Parul Gupta

Camera and Cinematography: Shiv Ram Putta 

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