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MGFFilms a platform for upcoming Actors, Writers, Directors, Editors and for all filmmaking artists.

The Idea

Are you an Actor, Director, Editor, Music Director, or struggling to make a career in filmmaking then don’t worry MGF Films is a platform for all the upcoming filmmaking artists.

The Vision of MGF Films

The vision of MGF Films is to create short-duration creative films under different genres which will give you the experience of feature films and web series in a very limited time.

The Mission of MGF Films

The mission of MGF Films is to create a platform for upcoming writers, Directors, Actors, Cinematographer, Editor, etc. This platform will help them to perform.

The team behind MGF Films

MGF Micro Films is a part of Macguffin Frames ( is managed by Anshul Sinha and Rajnish Sharma.

About Anshul Sinha (

How can you participate?


If you are an upcoming actor or actress and failing to get an opportunity then please send your profiles to us we will go through your profile and if it fits into any of our stories then we will call you to perform

Few Success Stories from recent film release

Sandeep Sahu worked with team #Mgffilms for 5 films and later got selected to do a role in a web series in Hyderabad.

Shakeel is an upcoming Writer and Director he was waiting for the opportunity from past 5 years but team #MGFfilms platform helped him to complete his first microfilm which got a good response

Here is the interview of upcoming Director Shakeel

Parul Gupta did 5 films with #MgfFilms and now got an opportunity to play role in ad film on Big Boss Telugu


If you don’t know how to write a screenplay then don’t worry we will take your workshop on scriptwriting and then you can start regularly submitting your scripts. And if you are an experienced script writer then you can email your microfilm scripts, we will review it and if your script gets selected then Mgf films will produce it

We have produced scripts of 2 independent script writers

here is the link of their films

Like this, for all the 24 craft of filmmaking we are trying our level best to provide an opportunity to the upcoming artist.

You can reach us on


Whatsapp- 9398214182 / 7018709528

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