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Importance of video communication during COVID19 Pandemic.

Due to COVID19 pandemic we have seen that many people and families are battling a big war between life and death. The whole world is under depression. To address this important issue team MGF films thought to come up with a microfilm with the aim to highlight how important is communication, specially for those who are all alone under quarantine.

During this time it’s very important to communicate with the person who is going through this challenging phase.

Verbal, written and video communication plays a big role, this is the only way through which we can communicate with patients.

Understanding the importance of this point team mgffilms came up with a new microfilm Fighter.

Fighter is a 4 minutes Drama film in which Anjali inspires Rohan to battle with corona virus. Role of Anjali is Played by Parul Gupta, who is having 5 years of experience in theater. During the shoot Parul was asked to perform the act 4 times and in every take she cried originally. Her efforts and dedication towards acting needs a serious appreciation.

Rohan is played by Sumit, it feels like there is no major acting in the film played by Sumit, but when you will watch the film then you feel that while sleeping also Sumit is acting, He was feeling the dialogues which was getting delivered from the video call from her sister. Performance of both the actors will keep you glued on the screen.

Camera is done by Shivram Putta who is passionate about film making, Production and Role of doctor is played by Rajnish Sharma.

Fighter is dedicated to all corona warriors who are battling there life against the deadly virus. The official release of the film was done by Saravana KKV who survived corona virus, by profession Saravana is an Entrepreneur and Cinematographer.

You can watch the film here

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