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5 reasons why you should watch microfilm Sushant


Sushant is going through a breakup depression, he is unable to come out of his past. The moment he makes a decision to overcome he gets dragged into the memories of his girlfriend. He is not able to concentrate on his personal and professional life. Everyone around him feels that Sushant is a big failure and no one believes in him.


Sushant wants to come out from the dark zone but his past keeps on haunting him again and again. He tries everything to come out of it, but fails to overcome the depression. After trying multiple times he decides to give up and feels frustrated. He enters into the hallucinations zone and decides to commit suicide.


Due to easy access to technology we have observed that a lot of youngsters are going through relationship breakups. They give easy commitments to each other but later fail to complete it. Sushant microfilm highlights the same issue of how young couples are confused about their relationship and later they fall into the trap of breakup.


When a person is going through depression he feels that he has lost everything and accepts the reality of being alone and lonely. This loneliness keeps destroying him/her from inside. The only way to come out from a relationship failure is to forgive the person who left you. The moment you start forgiving the person who hurt you at that time you start gaining self respect for yourself and that self respect and love for yourself gives a reason to do a comeback in life.


Microfilm Sushant loudly speaks about dreams and passion, when you are going through the darkest zone of your life, at that time your dreams and passion will help you to come out of it. The way in which you love your partner, in the similar way, you have to love your dreams and passion, Because when you are alone, your dreams become a motivation for you to do a comeback in your life.

So guys if you have gone through any relationship failure or any of your friends or relatives who have gone through this pain then you should definitely watch microfilm Sushant it will be like a healing to all those who are going through the pain.

The film is written by D Chaitanya and Directed by Anshul Sinha. D Chaitanya is an engineer by profession and he is passionate about script writing and filmmaking.

Protagonist is played by Summit who has done MA in performing arts from Hyderabad Central University and Female lead is played by Vidhusha who has previously performed 3 plays and is currently working on a feature film.

Supporting actors in the film are Rajnish Sharma, Prasad Battu, Shakeel, and Rudhidha.

Visuals of the film are captured by Shivram Putta who has tried his level best to give his best in each and every frame of the film.

You can watch the film on MGFFilms Youtube channel,

Here is the link of the film

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