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40 seconds film from India bags Best Film Award in International Kolkata Short Film Festival 2021

‘Freedom’ is a Micro Film which tackles two major issues which includes girl-child education and child marriage, both of which are highly prevalent issues, even today. In this film, we see a young girl meeting the family of the boy she is set to be married to and shows the conversation that follows, which saves her from a life millions are subjected to endure. The Director has many years of experience in the field of film making, specifically in the niche category of Micro Films. This project has been produced by Ed sense and Mr. Sunil Sathyavolu.

This film has received international recognition, with multiple nominations, securing awards in the Kolkata International Film Festival as well as the XXIII Marano Ragazzi Spot Festival - Napoli Città Solidale. It has been nominated and screened in various national and international film festivals across the world including:

  • The Al Thaqalayn Film Festival

  • Festival del Cinema di Cefalù

  • Cornerstone Short Film Competition

  • 60-second International Film Festival

  • Chitra Bharati Film Festival

  • Molodiya International Social Advertising Festival

  • Nukhufest

  • The MY HERO International Short-film Festival

  • Intimalente/Intematelens Film Festival

  • International Public Advertisement Festival of Film

This has gained the attention of filmmakers and critics alike.

Within the span of 53 seconds, this film manages to put across a powerful message, bringing into focus issues, in a short but impressive manner. It is created to leave an impact on its audience as it brings to the spotlight such great social inequalities which must be tackled worldwide

Watch the film on our YouTube channel now:

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