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30 seconds campaign video which raised 8 lakhs rupees.

During COVID19 phase it has become mandatory for every business, corporate, retailers, wholesalers, schools, colleges, individuals etc., to adopt videos as an important tool for marketing and promotions.

If I am not wrong then you all must have observed that in the current scenario of pandemic, videos are the only source which can reach very quickly. Modern gadgets and 4g internet speed have made it easier.

Due to heavy consumption of social media content a lot of people are switching to campaign videos, you must have definitely observed that a lot of brands are coming up with campaign ads which run regularly on all social media handles. It's easy to promote videos on Google ads, Facebook, and YouTube. But the challenge is, even after investing a good amount on these ads, why is it not producing results for you?

In October 2018

We did a campaign promotional ad film for Urinary Catheter product,

our client was Donate Kart.

Donatekart is a platform that does fundraising for the needy. Team DK approached us to make a campaign video for this brand. It was a very challenging concept.

The client gave us a challenge to come up with a film idea, which can make an appeal to viewers to donate this product to the physically challenged people who can’t afford it to buy.

The Idea

Team Macguffin started working on the idea, we initially thought of coming up with a non fictional film but after a few brainstorming sessions we came to a conclusion that, non-fictional film will not be getting the desired result.

We wanted viewer to feel empathy towards the people who are in a serious need of this product. The word empathy worked for us and then we decided to come up with a fictional film concept. We submitted 5 concepts to team DK and They approved one, which was produced later.

The aim of the fictional film was to make people feel the pain which every physically challenged person is going through. In the film, physically challenged person is crossing the road but due to big road dividers he fails to cross.

Release of the video

By the end of October the video was released on all the platforms of Donatekart and the fundraising campaign got started. with in a month the video was successfully able to raise 8 lakhs rupees and the urinary catheter product was distributed to more than 200+ physically challenged people.

Here is the link of the film

Here is the link of our satisfied client interview who is sharing experience of how successfully the video raised funds for the campaign.

Hope you liked this practical and successful case study by team Macguffin Frames. If you are looking for a similar result for your brand and struggling to make a campaign and brand video then please reach us.

Team Macguffin Frames will give its best to bring the desired results for your brand.

You can reach us on


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